Micropressure… With Shane Cahill, President of the Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan

by Clyran Micronational

Another big event, another Micropressure article added to the column! Today, the Burnham Micropress takes its esteemed interview & opinion panel to the Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan, to have an interview with its’ President, Shane Cahill. M. Cahill is also the Media Secretary on the staff of grand Unified Micronational Chair, Joseph Kennedy, whom the Micropressure column interviewed last.  Keen to ask those daring questions on the happenings of the Grand Unified Micronational, the current war between the Treaty of York (the ‘Yorkists’) and New Israel, and the recent fracturing of the entire Leylandiistani nation, the Micropressure column can assure that the this article is, as always, top quality, investigative, and thought provoking.

So, M. Cahill, welcome to the Micropressure Column!

Hello, thanks for asking me to be interviewed. It’s a pleasure!

Shall we begin the interview?

Please, go ahead!

To begin, what is your point of view on the Freedomian Aggression (also known as the West Germanian Bishops’ War), and how does this affect the legislature of Leylandiistan?

I think that this war is interesting, but it is not something new. We’ve seen New Israel display such aggression before, as they have been hostile to Wurtige for some time, and they declared war on the Oasis Islands too.
It seems that the only way they know how to do diplomacy is on there terms only, and if not they declare war. While I support West Germania, as they have been friendly to Leylandiistan for quite some time, I will not take sides in this war. New Israel have said they have a declaration of war at the ready, and I would not be surprised at all to see them make a move on the Treaty of York signatories. I don’t want to see Leylandiistan get dragged into what would really be a cyber war. The government’s position yesterday before it was dissolved was that Leylandiistan will stay out of any war unless it directly affects our interests.

The Leylandiistani newspaper, Béal Na Tíre, recently interviewed Markus Abernathy about the Freedomian Aggression, during which he released a statement condemning homosexuality. What do you make of his statement?

Indeed, I interviewed him on behalf of the newspaper. It was a difficult interview, but mostly I found him to be pleasant enough. His statement was surprising. We’ve seen micronationalists who make such statements subsequently shy away from the fact that they ever said something racist or homophobic. I was surprised to see that he would stand by his comments. Leylandiistan will not have much to do with New Israel in the foreseeable future (unless they make a move on us too after this interview!), and the possibility of ever opening diplomatic ties with them have been distanced further by this statement.
I personally do not know anyone who is homosexual. That said, I am not against homosexuals, and I certainly oppose those who restrict the rights of any citizen of any nation for being who they are. I was disgusted to hear that New Israel considers anyone gay or lesbian to be sinning against God, because that is not true. I’m sure God loves all his people equally, and of all the sins in the world which someone may commit, I can be sure homosexuality hardly counts as a sin. I thought modern society had moved on from such talk, but clearly it hasn’t. People have the right to be who they want, and to love who they want, in my opinion. That’s all I have to say on that question

You mentioned earlier that in recent days, the Leylandiistan nation has fractured into Leylandiistan proper and the Maple Federation. Do you see a reunion being at all achievable at this point in time?

I don’t want to see a reunion. Shocking though it seems, it’s the best way forward for Leylandiistan. It was only a few hours ago, yesterday evening, that the split occurred. But it was the result of months of inactivity. So much was happening here in the Cubbyhole A.R., but Robinscourt, the former location of our capital, saw no developement like that here. The Regional Councils set up by our new constitution were established here, but not in Robinscourt. Rory Craig, the former Vice President and now head of state of the Maple Federation, was unavailable for long periods at a time. I had so much planned, so much drafts of legislation ready for debate, but all for nothing.
Something I didn’t realise when we were first established in November 2012, and didn’t realise until May of this year was that Robinscourt and Cubbyhole are simply not compatible. They can’t be efficiently run by one central government, despite my efforts to decentralise the governance of the state through the granting of autonomy to all our populated regions. I am happy about what happened yesterday. yes, it is the end of the old guard in Leylandiistan. Yes, we are down to 100 square metres and 3 citizens, but Leylandiistan is now in a good position. We now have no inactivity, hidden agendas or lack of commitment in government. We have no economic burdens, and the strong economy of the Cubbyhole region will no longer be brought back by the inactive Robinscourt. I don’t know how the Maple Federation will do. I know Craig may collaborate with former members of Leylandiistan’s government, namely Hugh and Brian Murray, but I don’t expect to hear much from the Maple Federation. I expect good times ahead for Leylandiistan!

That is both surprising and interesting. Will the fracturing of Leylandiistan change any of the nation’s foreign policy in regards to the Freedomian Aggression, the Grand Unified Micronational, or other overseas items?

Not at all. In fact, now we can approve treaties and open more ties with other states, now that we don’t have to rely on an inactive legislature to do so. I think we can be seen to be an efficient capable state. Because I can now contact all citizens at a moment’s notice, I can speak for the whole nation with more confidence on issues such as the Freedomian Aggression. The fracturing of Leylandiistan was a fast process, but a peaceful one. I think this proves that Leylandiistan is a friendly state, and by no means a state which would be hostile to other micronations. Our foreign policy, something I have been responsible for since the establishment of the republic, will not change. I will continue to welcome all states who wish to open ties with us, keeping in mind our best interests, and I will continue to participate in the GUM and hopefully in short while the Saint Josephsburg Economic Pact.

Speaking of the Grand Unified Micronational, you are now several weeks into your second term as Media Secretary of the Chairman’s staff. What have you achieved in this term, and how has it benefited the Grand Unified Micronational as a whole?

Well, just today I began implementing my latest scheme. My plan was to encourage better standards among micronational news outlets by choosing the best articles of the week from across the micronational community and putting them on the news.micronation.org site. With the assistance of Jonathan of Austenasia, and Peter d’Egtavie, to whom I’m very grateful, I was able to access the site. Now, I must begin the process of choosing the very best of journalism from MicroWiki and beyond. I have not decided how many articles will go up each week, I’m thinking around four. But the search has begun for the very best, and in my opinion the bar has been set very high by the Burnham Micropress! I do hope this encourages competition among micronational news outlets to do the very best they can do in order to appear on the Micronational News Agency’s site. It will benefit the GUM as a whole because the micronation.org site gains international attention. If international observers see articles of such high quality submitted on a site run by the GUM’s Media Department, they will understand that micronations on the MicroWiki site, who tend to be GUM members, have very high standards, and are not your typical fantasy nation, as unfortunately micronations are deemed to be by external observers.
This will no doubt prove to external observers that the GUM is an organisation of high standards, and the representative body of the very best of the micronational community.

What is your opinion of the term so far of the incumbent Chairman, M. Kennedy?

I think he’s doing a really good job. I was surprised that when I first transferred over to micronation.org from Wikia in January that I would be welcomed with open arms. Kennedy in particular helped introduce me to various aspects of the community, and no doubt assisted in my membership of the GUM, for which I am very grateful. And now, he has been advocating Leylandiistan’s membership in the Saint Josephsburg Economic Pact. I think he has very generous qualities, and it’s good to see someone go out of their way to help micronations new to the .org community. Seven months on. I’ve really settled well here, and I’ve seen Kennedy conduct himself in a most professional manner. His term as Chair has so far been very productive, and he is very active in his native Ashukovo. He is one of the community’s leading figures, and he will go far with Ashukovo.

Do you think that the Chairman’s staff has been particularly active/useful this term?

It’s hard to know. I really think there could be more staff meetings. There was only rare bits of discussion under Bradley of Dullahan, now there is nothing. Each secretary now keeps to himself. This is disappointing, I think. Having an organised staff helps get things done, coordinates the GUM and helps us meet goals and complete projects we’ve begun. To be honest, I really don’t know what the other secretaries do. I know the outlines of what their plans are. But if we met regularly, we could all co-operate and give each other tips and assistance. Beyond my current plan I described earlier, I could do with some advice for other ideas I have as a secretary. I believe the staff have great potential, but they could be consulted and used more. It’s almost a ceremonial position at this stage.

I see. Finally, being a relatively young nation in the Micronation.org community, what do you think of the community in general? Would you think, like some do, that it is in decline?

No, not at all. The micronational community always has new people come along. Lately, in fact in the past two weeks, we have seen many new faces join the .org community. I see nations like Mancunia who have great potential. They have all the signs of a great professional micronation: an active government, a professional news site and always willing to open up diplomacy with other .org nations. I think the community is lively and interesting. I’ve seen all types of people here. I arrived at the end of St. Charlie’s dominance over the community, so though I hear nostalgic tales of their national events, I know little otherwise of them. Yes we are a young nation within the community. I myself am quite young, and people within the community have noted how young I look. We will celebrate two years of existence this November, but we have many more years ahead of us. I think I’ll see many great nations come and go between now and then, likely including my own. That always happens. To be honest, those who say the community is in decline are probably experiencing the decline of their own micronation. This community may go through many shapes and forms, but it will be here for many more years to come. I love this community, it’s miles better than Wikia, where I originated, and I will be here for a good while longer.

Thank you very much for the interview, M. Cahill. I hope you have a fine day!

Same to you! Long live Clyro, and good luck in your endeavours as a micronationalist!

And there you have it, another interview with a Micronationalist that, despite their nation’s youth, is already proving themselves to be an invaluable part of the community. Feel free to leave a comment below suggesting another Micronationalist to be interviewed by the Micropressure column, and until then, goodbye!

nb – to keep up on news from Leylandiistan, have a look at their online newspaper, Béal Na Tíre (Mouthpiece of the Land)!