Mercia: Clyro and Loringia form Diarchy proper!

by Clyran Micronational

The Region of Clyro has been governed by the Mercian Parliament House since the Clyro Reforms of 19th January, as a clear indicator of the plans for the nation. However, the Kingdoms and Lands Represented in the Council of the Diarchal Crowns of the Disciples (‘Mercia’ being the shorthand name) was not created in it’s proper state until this evening, when at 6:47PM GMT, during the second Meeting of the Mercian Parliament House, the motion to bring the Archduchy of Loringia (formerly the Lurkish Kraj of Loringia) under the administration of the Mercian Parliament was passed and subsequently ratified a minute later. Furthermore, Archduke Karl I (known as Karl Friedrich or Alex White to the Micronational community) also became the Lord Temporal of Mercia, meaning that from that point on, only he could ratify passed motions in the Mercian Parliament House.

This move has therefore finally created the Mercia envisioned by HL Richard I in the Clyro Reforms. Now the Mercian Parliament runs two distinct administrative Regions (Clyro and Loringia), both of which are led by monarchs with absolute authority, but who periodically defer to the Mercian Parliament House to allow the voice of the people to be heard. Soon, the Mercian Constitution will be finished and voted upon by the Mercian Parliament House, and will then clearly define the laws of the Lords of Mercia, and the leaders of the Regions.

During the same Meeting, a Treaty between the Region of Clyro and it’s long-standing ally, the Tsardom of Nolland, was passed and ratified by the Lord Temporal. In summary, the treaty stated that all Criminal Cases as defined by the Clyran Constabulary Service will from now on be referred to the Tsardom’s Court system, where the suspects will be prosecuted. The suspects, if found guilty, will then serve their sentences in Clyro, or if their sentence was banishment, they will have their Clyran citizenship and all of their titles revoked. However, all Civil Court cases, such as land use disputes, breach of contract and so forth will still be dealt with the by Civil Service Gorsedh in Clyro.

Internationally, Prince Joseph I of Montania (known in Clyro as First Minister Duke Kennedy) has stated his desire to run for the position of Supreme Judge in the Grand Unified Micronational (GUM) in the up and coming March elections. Prince Joseph is currently the only candidate for the Supreme Judge position, and is expected to gain plenty of support, potentially being the first individual to hold the prestigious position who is not a member of the Micronational community’s ‘Old Guard’. Current incumbent Chair Ciprian I of Juclandia, and current incumbent Supreme Judge Bradley of Dullahan have both expressed their wish to run for the position of Chair of the GUM in March also; Ciprian I to carry on what he calls his ‘successes’ until June 2014, and Bradley to atone for past mistakes in the organisation (having been involved in a scandal in early 2013).

HL Richard I has expressed his wish to run for the position of Chair of the GUM in the July-September term, a time that would best coincide with his macronational life.