Regional Dominion of Burnham: Storm Hazard Affects Local Area, Effects on Burnham Negligible.

by Clyran Micronational

Despite the Severe Storm Warning issued by the Basileus of the Dominion, HSM Justinian I, on the 27 October, the effect of the ‘St Jude’s Storm’ that affected the south of Great Britain on the night and day of the 27/28 of the month had effects that were largely negligible on actual Burnhamite territories.

At Saints Rest, a wire mesh obelisk used to aid the growth of plants was blown over, and all grassy areas of Burnham were relatively waterlogged, but actual lasting damage was minimal, according to post-storm investigation. However, the local settlements around Burnham that are under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom suffered from the storm somewhat, as Burnhamites observed the extent of damage in UK territories, and discussed the damages with UK citizens.

Within UK-held areas of Burnham itself, the damages caused by the storm was minimal, with damages largely being focused around collapsed fence panels, overturned garden ornaments and potted plants, and the natural removal of a few roof tiles from UK properties (this did not occur at Saints Rest thanks to the secure construction of the building). However, in a small town to the north of Burnham, the lower half of the high street and some streets branching off of it were without electricity for over 12 hours, with most power outages occurring between 6:30AM and 7:30AM GMT. Also, several dozen trees have fallen onto roads and buildings on the country lanes and roads alongside the River Crouch and the nearby coast, which has inhibited the social mobility of UK citizens who live far away from main rural settlements in seclusion. This is an issue that UK authorities will need to address soon, as several of these secluded individuals are elderly and infirm.

The storm affected the Anglia region of England greatly. According to ITV News: Anglia, over 90,000 UK citizens either were or still are without power since 7:00AM GMT of the 28 October. At Walton-on-the-Naize in Essex, wind speeds reached 64 miles per hour, and all railway services in the region were cancelled following advice from the UK’s National Rail company. Thousands of trees have fallen in the English south and south-east, resulting in two deaths. Damages from falling trees have even damaged buildings in the city of Chelmsford, which is seen as one of the main UK settlements in areas surrounding Burnham.

However, despite the damage within the United Kingdom, the Regional Dominion of Burnham has weathered the ‘St Jude’s Storm’ crisis with next to no damage or loss. Thanks to this, the Semi-Finals and the Grand Final of the Burnham Virtual Football League will be able to be played on the 30 October.