Micropressure… With Paco Velazsquez, Party Leader of the Nolland Fascist Front

by Clyran Micronational

This is the first article in the Burnham Micropress’ new ‘Micropressure’ series, where we interview Micronationalists involved in events occurring across both the Würtige Empire and the Micronational world in general.

We begin by interviewing Mr. Paco Velazsquez of Agnorr, Nolland, who has recently caused quite a stir in Nollandish politics by forming the Nolland fascist Front, a political party that has garnered quite some support amongst Nollandish politicians.

Good evening, Mr. Velazsquez. Are you well?

Yes, I’m good, how are you?

I am good, thank you. Shall we begin?


So, Mr. Velazsquez, what would you say inspired you to found the Nolland Fascist Front with Mr. Joseph Kennedy?

Seeing the Monarchist Party winning control of the Supreme Soviet with barely any opposition. That was inspiration enough.

Can you give us a brief overview of the Nolland Fascist Front’s ideology?

The Nollandish Fascist Front is obviously, a Fascist political party. It adheres to the ideologies of Italian Fascism/Francoism, and some Social Conservatism and Green Conservatism. We are also Anti-Zionists. Despite what some may think we aren’t really Anti-Tsar.

Anti-Zionism is a fairly controversial stance not necessarily synonymous with Fascism. Can you explain the reasoning behind it’s acceptance as part of the Nolland Fascist Front’s ideology?

Because we are against the atrocities  committed by the Israelis towards the Palestinians. I personally believe that most of Israel was stolen but that’s just my opinion not the parties. We aren’t anti-semitic, because we have two Jews as party members.

Interesting. What does the Nolland Fascist Front seek to achieve?

We seek to add opposition to the Monarchists because currently it is just the Monarchist Party. We also would also like to eventually get control of the Supreme Soviet so we can establish a more Fascist state in Nolland. We of course won’t overthrow the King, since some people think we want to do that. We will come to power peacefully.

So there is no threat of an aggressive coup of some kind?

Not at all.

Where in Nolland can you say that there is support for Fascism, and how do you think that that support will affect the Nollandish elections, when they occur?

Most of the members are from Nova Agnor and Kothellond. I believe in the next elections the NFF will get at least a third of the seats and possibly around half of them. Most people see Fascist and decide immediately that it is bad, which could hurt our results but hopefully people see passed a name and learn what we are about.

I see. Finally, is there a message that you would like to give to the Micronational Community at large?

Yes. When you see the word ‘Fascist’, don’t think of Hitler. It’s disappointing to see so many of you thinking that already. New fascism must have its finger on the pulse of the people. Fascism was originally a futurist movement. It did not cling to the past but strived to embrace and leverage whatever was new and popular. A successful new fascist movement would mean that the parties would want to help the people. To show them that we really are the good guys and not the racists Fascists are often made out to be.

Thank you, Mr. Velazsquez for your time, and for your debunking of popular misconceptions.

Thank you.


If you have an opinion on Fascism in Nolland, or in general, feel free to post a comment at the bottom of this article, and get involved!